Post Purchase Grocery Experience

About This Project

Client wants to create a grocery-delivery app, where customers can order groceries/food from multiple stores, and receive all items as a single delivery from the different stores.

The challenge was to enhance the experience once user have made payment. So for this purpose first I started to understand the ecosystem how and what steps user takes when he/she wants to buy the groceries.









After understanding the ecosystem it was the time to understand the user’s mental model and who our target users are? So personas has been created to find this.

Based on persona now we know who our users are and what are their needs. Making list of all possible design opportunities helps client to scope out what possible features a system can have and how many of those has to incorporate for the current phase.

Design Opportunities
  • Need to create grocery list very quickly as the couple hardly have time.
  • Pick items from different stores based on availability and price.
  • We need to integrate the list with the grocery shopping.
  • Need to apply available coupon depend on the grocery list.
  • Easy payment process
Design Opportunities (incorporated)
  • Notify once payment made.
  • Can easily check the ordered items, amount and savings on order from each store.
  • Order tracking in one click. Get order status notification time to time.
  • Need to have easy communication with customer care for worst scenario or in troublesome conditions.
  • Need to see all older orders.
  • Can share feedback and product review.
  • Need to have an option to reorder a complete order or an item again. Easy return and refund.


Scenarios can be

  • Can easily order items from single or multiple stores.
  • Want to have a single order for all items irrespective of from which store item got picked.
  • Want to track order and know order status timely.
  • Any time can see what order has been placed along with complete information about items, shipping and payment.
  • Can easily get help and support related with order.

Grocery Eco System Flow

Mobile wireframes