Mukti Somani Rathi

UX Design Process



The web portal of travel agent’s dashboard for better digital communication with the system.

TravelTriangle came with the requirements that many of the features launched were never explored by the agents. Secondly, the learning curve of their agents didn’t match with the system.




Redefining the user experience of home buying portal




Homesfy provides a property rental platform that came with the requirement of re-designing their website and rental portal experience as per the current trends.



Platform with a user-friendly approach.

Resume Builder



Aheadway provides complete career guidance and an entire range of affordable services from resume building to customized cv, portfolios, cover letter, job assistance, etc.



Experience that really makes difference

HR Referral Hiring Platform



An enhanced referral system with intuitive interface for better use. Grownout provides such a referral hiring platform, which makes hiring an easy and fun process for HR. 


Stakeholders want to minimise the steps that were usually took place to hire a candidate and want to design a system which is very ease to use and change the traditional hiring approach.



Enhancement of User experience

Post Purchase Grocery Experience


Client wants to create a grocery-delivery app, where customers can order groceries/food from multiple stores, and receive all items as a single delivery from the different stores.


The challenge was to enhance the experience once user have made payment. 



Web portal for Blocking the Conference Room